Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I used to write: Letter writing and a failed trip to New Orleans Jazz Fest

I'm no longer going to Jazz Fest in New Orleans next month and I'm not happy about it. I was super excited to take a weekend off from school to cavort around New Orleans in festival outfits (i.e. floppy hats, fringe boots, denim cut-offs and flowy white tops, long skirts with crop tops, floral mini dresses, etc.) and finally become acquainted with the French Quarter.

Although I've learned and have grown to expect over the past year or so that nothing is ever set in stone, I'm still sad that my friend Andrea and I won't be taking the road trip to see Arcade Fire (or Lupe Fiasco or Jimmy Buffett or Lauryn Hill).

To keep myself entertained and from crying, today I started what I hope will turn into a new hobby: letter writing. I used to write letters, lots of letters when I was in high school to my old friends in the Keys.

My friend Justin and I used to mail each other letters and photos, updating each other on our latest crushes and hairstyles (oh how I wish I had access to all my old pics right now, I'd love to embarrass him and post a few). I think we did this for most of 8th, 9th and maybe even 10th grade. My friend Jamaloan and I did the same.

Then I met Naomi when I was 17. My uncle's girlfriend at the time and 14 years my senior, Nay was (and still is) like a big sister to me. We used to exchange long e-mails frequently and even though they weren't usually handwritten letters they were just as meaningful.

I feel like over the years "the letter" has been lost and has been replaced with quick Facebook messages and half-assed text messages. And as much as I like the little reminders that I'm missed or loved, I long to read and write the lengthier, more personalized version. Sometimes I'd rather not be limited to 140 characters.

I wrote my first two letters today. They were each two pages long on lined notebook paper and I wrote in cursive as usual (legible or illegible, I'm not sure -- guess I'll find out soon enough). I learned that letter writing is a great procrastination tool and a great alternative to sleep when sleep escapes me.

Tomorrow, I'll buy myself some pretty stationary as an incentive to keep writing and I will try to write two more. Oh yeah, I'm also going to keep copies for myself so that if I get rich and famous one day I can publish a book of letters and call it Letters From A Nut. Just kidding; that name is taken already, but I'll come up with something, I've got time.

*Pic borrowed from the Guardian

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  1. It's nice to see that one of these times I go looking for a nicer handwriting alphabet, it's related to letter-writing, which is why I'm looking--!


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