Friday, September 16, 2011

I have a new place to call home

I have a valid excuse (at least I think) for annoyingly neglecting this blog once again. I moved to New York three weeks ago and barely have time to eat, let alone write a blog. Hopefully no time to eat = I'll get back to Miami SKINNY in December.

 I'm actually starving right now, but I'm camped out at the Brooklyn Public Library doing "homework" (which actually means I'm Facebooking, texting, looking at shoes, blogging, dreaming of Brooklyn Larder's coconut-chocolate macaroons and gelato and kind of/barely attempting to do some work for my online class).

Why did I move to New York? Well, after applying (no lie) to over 20 internships (and borderline freaking out because I didn't hear back from anyone until August), I landed not one, but two and couldn't let the opportunities pass me by.

I'm now an intern at both Marie Claire and at VICE, which means that I'll be learning the ropes at both publications, doing everything from social media stuff (Facebooking, Tweeting, etc.) and writing web articles at MC to fact-checking, proofreading, editing, researching and more writing at Vice.

My first MC writeup -- yes it's short, but I'm super proud to have my name on a website people (a lot of people) actually look at.

It also means that I should have some good stuff to add to my portfolio in the next few months aaaannnddd that after December I'll have fulfilled my internship requirement at SCAD! As long as I do everything else right, I'll have an MFA by June.

And even though I'm busting my ass up here, I get to do fun stuff too (not that Tweeting and editing aren't fun for me, but I also get to do things that don't require brain usage, which is nice sometimes).

I went to some great shows during New York Fashion Week thanks to MC, and I got to eat/drink/hang/see Rick Ross rep the 3-0-5 at the launch party last night. It was a blast (more on NYFW and the VICE party later).

My blog will continue to evolve as my life evolves so the next three months I'll be writing a lot about being an intern, living in NY, my graduate review (that's coming up in October -- eek!) and whatever else interests me (shoes, my friends, cold weather, Prospect Park) or ticks me off (moms making bottles on the train for their infants, walking up a thousand stairs everywhere I go, the guy sitting in front of me at the library singing obnoxiously).

Oh, I'll probably obsess about all the amazingly delicious things at Brooklyn Larder too. 

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