Thursday, November 10, 2011

Brooklyn lattes, scones and nice people

Every day on the way to work, I stop somewhere in Brooklyn for a latte and some kind of breakfast item. On Halloween, everything was closed. (Why? I'm not sure.) Everything, except Cafe Colette on North 9th Street and Berry in Williamsburg. They were semi-closed, only serving coffees and scones until 11. I got a latte and an orange-cranberry scone; best scone ever, by the way. 

Since then I've gone back at least twice a week and on Monday when I went the credit card machines weren't working. The cashier told me to leave (with my latte and scone) and not to worry about paying. As much as it'd be nice for a broke intern like me to have an extra $7 in my pocket, I went back and paid at lunchtime.

So today on my way to work I stopped at Cafe Colette (of course!) and the same cashier was there. He made me my latte, then he gave me a scone for free.

The point of this story is that I believe in karma. And because I paid even though I didn't "have to," my good deed came back to me in the form of a lemon poppy scone (maybe more amazingly delicious than the orange-cranberry). 

Also, the people at Cafe Colette are so nice. I want to go there for lunch. Or dinner. Or some time when I can try something that's not a scone--I'm sure everything on the menu is very good. 

Be nice to people. You'll be rewarded with scones. Or coffee. Or hugs. Or whatever. The end.

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  1. Like gravity, karma is so basic we often dont even notice it :)


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