Monday, November 7, 2011

My NY DOs and DON'Ts: Part 1

Do visit the 9/11 memorial. After security checks your ticket six (eight?) times, you will cry for the entire 25 minutes it takes you to circle both pools, view the construction of the new tours and say a silent prayer for the people we lost 10 years ago. 

Do go to Eataly by Madison Square Park and have a snack at La Piazza while waiting for your table at La Pizza & Pasta. Do save room for coffee and dessert.

Don't stuff your face at Eataly before getting pics of all the amazing cheese, prosciutto, pesto, bread, wine, and tiramisu you ordered.

Do go to Prospect Park on the way to the Brooklyn Museum. Sometimes the park has a farmer's market.

Do pretend to be part of the art at the Brooklyn Museum.

Don't waste your $12 (or your time) at the New Museum's Carsten Holler Experience. If you brave the 102-foot slide, you will leave with bruises... and a headache.

More of my favorite things to do (and not to do) in NY coming your way... as soon as I can spend more time uploading pics and less time editing my book proposal project.

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