Thursday, February 9, 2012

Things I learned from Joan Juliet Buck

Joan Juliet Buck – writer, actress, and former editor in chief of Paris Vogue – came to SCAD last Friday and met with a few fashion students, writing students, and professors over tea and scones (so cute, I know) at the Gryphon Tea Room to talk about what we do, what she does, and why it’s so important to do what you love for money. She was an absolute dream.

I don’t know why I was sooo nervous before meeting her; maybe I thought she’d be cold and hard to reach, like many editors I’ve seen/met/heard about before. But her smile was encouraging and her quiet confidence gave me the confidence I needed to ask her a thousand questions about the magazine industry.

These are a few things I learned from the only American woman who has ever edited a French magazine:

  • She was paid $375 for her first book review over 40 years ago -- at 19 years old!
  • Don’t write about things you don’t believe in or don’t care about just because they pay – if you have to teach, paralegal, temp for money, do it and write what you really want to write on the side. Do what you love and get paid for it.
  • Shoulders are coming back (I knew this) and Zara makes great jackets (knew this too, but it's nice to hear it from someone like her)
Catch Ms. Buck if you can while she rides through Georgia on a bus with George Dawes Green's Unchained Tour -- stopping only to tell stories. 

*Image borrowed from The Moth 

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  1. Sage advise from an interesting lady... B happy doing what you do...


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