Sunday, October 21, 2012

Miami margarita search

My search for the perfect margarita continues, and now I've found someone who's decided to take on the experiment/adventure with me. He knows a little more about tequila than I do, which (in my mind, at least) will make this experiment all the more fun/successful.

We tried three places.

The first one was a major FAIL. Don't get me wrong; the tacos and guacamole at Mi Rinconcito Mexicano (Little Havana??) were awesome and authentic and super fresh. The margaritas, though? Nonexistent. Someone said that when he looked up "margaritas in Miami" this place was on the list, but when we got there our waitress broke the bad news: This restaurant only serves beer and wine. With our bellies full of chips and guac and onions, we decided where to go next.

Something tells me that if Rinconcito did serve margaritas, they would be fantastic.

After Rinconcito we tried El Vato Tequila & Taco Bar in Brickell. I hate Brickell and its people and its music and its pretentiousness, but for the sake of the experiment, I went. We should've probably chosen the house margaritas at El Vato over the specialty margaritas, but you live and you learn, right? We had the cucumber margarita and the Cheech & Chong (made with Pueblo Viejo, fresh mango and fresh squeezed lime juice) -- which were both delicious but also $13 each and gone in under 10 minutes.

In a desperate attempt to win -- and get a little buzz going -- we ended the night at Latin Cafe on Biscayne and 25th.

"It's a Cuban place and they're playing Reggaeton. Ugh… But do they have margaritas?" I asked. And actually, they did. The plus about Latin Cafe's margs: They're 2-for-1, and they get you drunk. The minus: They're nothing to write home about.

I'm doing my research though, and I think the next time I do a margarita run, I might just get it right. We shall see. Happy Sunday.

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