Friday, February 20, 2015

A Parisian(ish) films filled-day is always a good idea

Seeing as my multi-country Euro trip is only four months away, I’ve been in a Parisian state of mind the past few days. Just booked my train ticket from London to Paris (yay--it's really happening!), and since I’ve been sick as a dog with whatever flu is going around at the moment, I’ve been dreaming of a day in spent with chicken soup, Saltines and Parisian films. 

Going to Paris? Or just feel like playing an entire day of Parisian hooky? Grab some cheese and wine and watch these 10 films--in no particular order--to get you in the mood. Disclaimer: I've seen some, but not all, of these so if there are a couple that suck, I'm sorry (I really don't think any of them will suck). 

1. It's weird to think that Chocolat is 15 years old already. Seems as if it were just a week or so ago that I watched this book turned movie--about a French woman moving to a fictitious town and opening a *life changing* chocolate shop--for the first time. Shot in Burgundy, Chocolat has been nominated for, like, a gazillion awards and deservedly so.  

2. To turn back time every night and end up at 1920s parties with Hemingway, the Fitzgeralds and Cole Porter is my kind of romantic fantasy. Midnight in Paris is the epitome of nostalgia. And it's a Woody Allen film. Not that that matters at all. 

3. A documentary about Yves Saint Laurent--told by Pierre Bergé, Saint Laurent's partner in life and love--L'amour Fou is the story of high fashion, one of the most talented designers that ever did live, the depression he suffered, and the art he collected.

4. Before Sunset is my personal favorite of the Before Sunrise/Sunset/Midnight trilogy. The films are each nine years apart, in real life and in movie life, and when Jesse and Celine meet for the second time there is soooo much to be both happy and sad and "why now?!?!" about. 

5. Anything with Audrey Hepburn makes my heart sing, really, but I wouldn't feel OK with this list if Sabrina (culinary school in Paris, a lot of stuff in between, then sailing away with a man to Paris) weren't on it.

6. The story of Chanel's early life, including parental abandonment and then work in a cabaret, Coco Before Chanel only has a 63% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, but I still thought it was lovely.

7. Amelie has been in my Netflix list basically from the inception of Netflix, and since that list was first referred to as a queue. People have a habit of asking why I haven't watched it yet, since it's such a "me" movie, and I don't have an answer to that, really, except, "I'll get around to it... soon."

And three more that I have yet to see: Romantics Anonymous, which, like Chocolat, is also about love and chocolate makers; Dior et Moia documentary that debuted at Tribeca Film Festival about Raf Simons' first Haute Couture collection for Dior; and 2 Days in Paris, which I really know nothing about except that Julie Delpy is in it, and I like Julie Delpy very much).

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