Tuesday, March 17, 2015

20 things to keep you sane living a small town

I kind of flip-flop between wanting to live in a big city and a small town on a daily basis. From Tavernier (small town in the FL Keys) to Miami (they say it's a big city, certain things about it make it feel small) to Savannah (small town) to Los Angeles (huuuuuge city), I think it's fair to say I've experienced the best and worst of both in my 27 short years of life. In a small town, cabin fever is not uncommon. I've had many moments where I've needed to get it out, but many more when I'm so content to be exactly where I am. Below, 20 things that will hopefully keep you sane (and that kept me sane) when living in a small town.

1. Good wine and lots of it
2. Great people; a network of friends (who are more like family) to brunch, munch, shop, and gossip with
3. Go-to spots for coffee, Italian, cheap drinks
4. Dog(s)
5. Long walks with said dog(s)

6. Hobbies such as: writing, yoga, hiking, scrapbooking, sewing, bread making, yogurt making, shoe making (the last three were some of my friend Maya's hobbies when we lived in Savannah)
7. Music (duh) but the live kind where you mess around with instruments on someone's front porch 
8. UBER or (because Uber probably doesn't exist in most small towns) a taxi-driver friend who you are on a first name basis with and whose phone number you keep handy
9. Credit card that accumulates travel points so that you can get out whenever you start to feel stir crazy
10. OR road trips to a bigger city a couple times a month for shopping, eating, whatever

11. Goes without being said, but you'd be surprised: a J-O-B or two, or three.
12. Concerts in the park or full moon parties, pirate festivals, German festivals, Civil War commemoration events, doggie carnivals--any community events that attract tourists and locals alike, for meeting new people and creating opportunities
13. A laptop, wifi and Netflix, Amazon prime, Hulu, HBO Go. I've never had a TV or much time for it, but when I've been bored and feel like binge-watching, these things have kept me entertained.
14. Bookstores (where you can research the history of the town and "secret" things to do)
15. Ghost stories; read about them, tell them, search for the ghosts in question. 

16. DIY feng shui your place with “new” finds from local fleas/antique markets (I did that this weekend, and I don't even live in a small town right now).
17. Karaoke; every small town has got its karaoke bar or at least a decent bar with a decent karaoke night.
18. Have costume parties or cookie parties or just gold old fashioned game nights
19. Do nature activities and visit places where you can pet (or just look at, if you're more visual than tactile when it comes to living creatures) farm animals 
20. And most importantly (I'm sure there are many other things I have yet to think of), a colorful imagination

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  1. If only I would have had a credit card back when I was young...I lived in a town of ~10k with no other towns within 20m.

    I had more money as a kid than I do right now due to working jobs since I was a kid and having no expenses! I spent money like mad and never worried.

    Now, I've got a good amount of Chase points but I could probably use a bunch more. I'm trying to save up for some business class redemptions using a partner of United :).


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