Monday, June 8, 2015

Alamo Motel Girls' Getaway

Made it out of the 27 club alive and well and spent the tail end of my 28th birthday in Los Alamos, a tiny town about a two-hour drive north of LA. Forty-five minutes or so north of Santa Barbara, Los Alamos is the town Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson filmed their music video in. I also heard from someone in town that that Budweiser commercial with the Clydesdales was filmed in Los Alamos. Not that that's relevant to me, but it's still pretty cool. 

I found the town and the Alamo Motel through Instagram--I've stopped snooping around in ex-boyfriend territory and now snoop around for pics and accounts that are color-heavy in terms of places to eat, things to see, interesting people watching, etc.

The day of our trip I called the motel and spoke to JP, the "concierge" or hotel manager who lives on the property. "The office closes at 10, but I can leave the key under the mat for you if you're comfortable with that," he told me.

"Sounds great," I replied, but forgot to ask which mat.

"There's one bar in town," he said. "You coming from the north or south? Oh, LA. Yeah, you'll see it on your way driving in. It closes at 11."

We arrived about 10:20 to twinkling string lights and a group of guys sitting around a campfire drinking beer and making music. I checked the office. There was a handwritten note on the door to call xxxxx for assistance after 10. I called and then I texted, and he texted back that our room would be #15. Under the mat at room #15, there were my keys and a wifi code. My friend Muriel and I locked ourselves in the room, drank a bottle of wine, got the giggles, peeked out the curtains at the guys who were still drinking beer/playing music and then went straight to bed. 

The rooms at The Alamo are simple, clean and comfortable. There are cowhide rugs and white sheets, which are a turn on for some. JP was quick to befriend us the following morning and gave us a tour of the most recently renovated unit, which had dining areas inside and outside, a full kitchen and a super chic living room and bedroom. He was also gracious enough to let us do a mini iPhone photo shoot in his unit, which is gggggoooorgeous. 

Twenty hours in Los Alamos flew by and I can't wait to spend another 20 (or 40) there when I'm back home. There's wine/beer tasting and restaurants all on the same street as--and within walking distance of--the motel. We did these things and I'd recommend them to anyone who visits:

Casa Dumetz Wines & Babi's Beer Emporium (had a horchata beer from San Diego that tastes like cotton candy and all kinds of wine--Muriel was so enthusiastic about it that she joined the wine club so we're forever tied to Los Alamos)
Muni Wine (a detached shed turned wine room at the Alamo)

Two hour playlist for the drive there: anything and everything Justin Timberlake, Backstreet Boys, Christina Aguilera because 20-something-year-old girls are emotional and nostalgic. Duh. 


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