Friday, August 21, 2015

A week in Berlin: markets, Mediterranean food and more

I spent something like 10 days in Berlin and got there from Prague on the train. Would totally take this mode of transportation again, with more time, and stop at some of the little in-between towns. It was incredible seeing the rocks, the mini castles, Bavarian-looking homes on hills, bodies of water, backyards, cable cars in the sky (sky cars?) as we moved from the Czech Republic into Germany.

Berlin felt a bit like Los Angeles, a bit like San Francisco, a bit like New York, not entirely European, but not quite American either. The weather was nice until it became unbearably hot (over 100F). I was told by locals that it's never that hot, and this is why no one (not restaurants, not cabs, not apartments) has AC or even fans. My next trip to Europe may have to be in the winter.

Babel- I had a mediterranean plate the size of my head (two can eat for under 20 euro).
Kauf Dich Glucklich on Oderberger Str.- All kinds of waffles and "iced coffee" that consisted of two giant scoops of Irish creme ice cream sunken into a glass of coffee. For some reason, the servers are really enthusiastic about the coffee WITH ice cream in it and eagerly point out that the ice cream cones at no additional charge. 
Das Edelweiss- Cool outdoor beer/coffee/food spot. Have the schnitzel. 
Zula Hummus- Breakfast, lunch, all kinds of hummus 
Suicide Sue- Fresh bread, coffee, charcuterie 

Prater Garden Berlin- Beer garden in Prenzlauer Berg with a wide variety of local brews
Bonanza Coffee- One of the best coffee shops on the world according to I can't remember which publication
Brut Bar- Cute little wine and cocktail spot owned by a French girl who's a friend of a friend of a friend
Odessa- Cocktail bar walking distance from Brut
Michelberger Hotel- Saw Michael cera there--not that that means anything, but it's a fun place to go during the day, grab a drink at the bar, and talk shit in the courtyard.
John Muir- American cocktail bar owned by some girls from Portland, if I remember correctly
Volchen Bar- Kind of hidden, cozy little cocktail and dessert bar in Kreuzberg 

BQL Berlin (men's shoes and clothing store)
Voo Store in Kreuzberg
No Wodka (ceramics and little things) 
Bikini Berlin- a pop-up mall with a huge window that looks out the zoo; you can take a shopping break and have a snack while watching the monkeys play.
Also every bookstore, postcard store, knick knack store

*I still have a lot of Europe to see, but so far the shopping in Berlin has been my favorite--amazing leather goods, fragrances, tons of black/white/gray basics.

Watergate- get stepped on by rough German girls across from Universal Studios, see the sun rise 
Berghain- infamous house club, black clothes, no makeup, minimalism, gays, party all day, party all night (I got out of going by saying I had a cough/sore/throat/fever--I actually did have all of those things)
Party in the forest- create your own by walking 15 minutes from Kreuzberg into the wilderness, bringing food, water and some fun drinks (we did this on the 4th of July with a bunch of Brits and bought little apfel liquor things at the store on the way)

Pool party at Haubentaucher- I never found it, but an editor at Interview Mag says it's THE PLACE for Sunday funday  
Turkish Market- cruise around, eat some food, buy a piece of palo santo for 3 euro on Tuesdays and Fridays
Flohmarkt in Mauerpark- Sunday flea market with hippies, dancing, music, food, fun 
Berlin Wall- if you've ever been to Wynwood, you don't need to go here (super underwhelming), but I get if you want to as it's part of history and all 



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