Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Things I'm Grateful For This Year

Almost a year ago I transitioned this blog from a "whatever I feel like writing about today" kind of blog to a somewhat consistent travel blog. I don't want to write about travel today, though. I read a NYTimes piece yesterday about showing gratitude all year long, even if the feeling doesn't always come naturally. For example: inwardly reminding yourself of all the things you're thankful for and outwardly communicating to others that the advice/money/shoulder/ears/roof/smile/wine they gave you at one point or another did not go unnoticed. 

These are a few of the things I'm grateful for in 2015, amongst others:

My almost-10-year-old puppy who has endless energy, keeps me warm at night, and makes the funniest faces/noises/expressions to remind me that, sometimes, life is not so serious. 

My family (duh) and my friends (double duh) all over the world because without them I would have no reason to live. 

My little Fiat (that now has 0 hubcaps because I ripped off the 4th one and stuck it in my trunk last week). I've been from Miami to Raleigh, LA to Vegas, and cross-country (twice!) in this tic-tac and it's never left me stranded yet. 

Fall leaves, spring flowers, sunrises, sunsets, cliffside views, sounds, smells, rain.

My home and all the homes-away-from-home that I'm invited to throughout the year.  

My ability to put thoughts into words on paper even, and especially, when saying them out loud seems impossible. 

Helicopters, carrier pigeons, boats, cars, trains, horses, llamas, legs, USPS, paper planes.

Work, and the fact that every time I have like $3.77 left, money basically falls from the sky. #FreelanceProblems 

A healthy dose of fear, because instead of holding me back, it usually propels me forward. 

Happy Turkey Pecan Pie Stuffing And All That Other Stuff Day from me and my pup. Thanks for reading, and thanks for being a part of my life. =)  

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