Tuesday, February 9, 2016

27 Things to See and Do On A Sunny NYC Sunday

I'm aware that there was a super crazy blizzard in NY a few weeks ago, and that tourists and locals alike thought it was glorious for the first couple hours (the whole playing in the Central Park snow thing), but then they were over it. I'm also aware that, although NYC's summer sweat makes everything itch, New Yorkers count down the days until the warmer months' arrival. 

Last year, I wrote about 27 Things to Do On A Sunny Sunday in LASo after being asked if I'd ever put a NYC city guide together, I enlisted a few of my fave New Yorkers (and a few honorary New Yorkers like myself) to help me do just that. Not because I don't have 7402384204092843 must-dos of my own, but because these folks are there, keeping themselves entertained in their city, every day, all the time. And I like their suggestions almost as much as I like my own. 

1. Union Square Greenmarket 
2. Lobster rolls and Korean bbq at Smorgasburg; thrifted Dooney & Bourke's at Brooklyn Flea
3. Boozy brunch at Poco 
4. Coney Island, because chances are you've never been, and why not, at least just once? 

5. Horseback riding in Central Park (I personally wouldn't, because horses and I do not get along, but you may have better luck in the saddle) 
6. Bike ride the Hudson River Greenway along the West Side 
7. Walk the High Line -- grab a red velvet ice cream sandwich from Melt while up there -- to the Whitney Museum 
8. Take the East River Ferry from Williamsburg to DUMBO 
9. Then walk the Brooklyn Bridge into the city

(Printed Matter pic via Google) 

10. You can also walk the Williamsburg Bridge to the Lower East Side (if you're starting on the WB end of town, or if the whole ferry thing doesn't appeal to you)
11. Take your pup to play at Prospect Park and maybe catch an open-air concert while you're at it
12. Look at art: Chelsea galleries like Marlborough 
13. Flip through books and zines at Printed Matter or POWERHOUSE Arena 
14. Grab lunch at Chelsea Market or Gansevoort Market
15. Recharge with tropical drinks at El Rey Coffee Bar & Luncheonette

16. Or just coffee and a pastry at Intelligentsia inside the High Line Hotel  
17. Buy cheap trinkets on the street in SoHo 
18. Find an interactive gallery exhibit where you can do fun stuff like play in a balloon-filled room  

19. See a Broadway show, maybe Hamilton -- all the cool kids are raving about it 
20. Window shop your way to Kiki's for a killer ambiance, some of the best Greek food (fried cheese!) and a moderately priced carafe of wine
21. Meditate somewhere (it is possible, there's even a book about all the peaceful places you can go to in NYC) 
22. Get a Chinatown massage ("40 minute twenty dolla")

(Pic C/O my brother Derek Ramirez)

23. Feeling lazy? People watch in Union Square, Bryant Park or Washington Square Park
24. Burgers for dinner at Spotted Pig or Corner Bistro 
25. Dessert and/or a frozen cappuccino at Veniero's (the cap has a scoop of ice cream inside) 
26. Watch and listen to live jazz at Smalls, a cool, cozy little basement bar 
27. Then home to Mozart in the Jungle, because it's Sunday. Zzzzzzzzz.


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  1. Done most of these and you're right: perfect for NYC Sundays :)


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