Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Magic Monday // Palm Springs, Pioneertown & Joshua Tree

Because Sonoma is no longer a bachelorette party place option for us, I am writing this to convince the decision maker (bride) and her minions (bridesmaids) that Palm Springs is in fact the best U.S. option for a September weekend girls' trip.

Recently, I recapped a Monday visit to Salvation Mountain. The second half of that visit consisted of dinner in Palm Springs, drinks (and Z's) in Pioneertown and breakfast in Joshua Tree with my friend Felicia and my dog. PS and its surrounding areas are a great little getaway from LA -- or anywhere in Southern California -- whether it's a Monday or a Tuesday or a Friday that you decide to opt for a staycay or a vacay. Read below for suggestions based on my past and (hopefully) future PS experiences.

Things I did during my last trip:

Woke up at the Pioneertown Motel ($115/night for a room with a king bed; pet fee $15 unless your animal is a service animal) after a night at Pappy & Harriet's drinking craft beer, eating nachos and listening to Bowie covers.

Layered on the layers and packed up the car; took off toward Joshua Tree before the sun came up (5:45ish). Drove through the park; stopped for rock climbing and sunrise picture-taking. I believe you're supposed to pay a per-car fee to enter the park, but there's never anyone there to collect it. 

Had breakfast at Crossroads Cafe (because it's open early on Mondays and lots of places aren't). Food is good, people are nice. Shiloh, unfortunately, had to wait in the car. 

Went back to check out of the Pioneertown Motel and pulled over to say hi to some Yucca Valley horses. 

Passed through Palm Springs for more food at the ACE and waved at the Cabazon dinosaurs on our way home. (See other PS food spots I like here.) 

Things I haven't done, but that I think would be great for a group of girls or, really, anyone:

The Palm Springs Art Museum. I've heard it's cool, and I'm in the "I like to look at art" phase of my life. 

Stay at an Airbnb (like the Amado or the Joshua Tree House) instead of a hotel. Really pushing for this if the bachelorette does happen in PS. Homes are roomy, clean and beautifully decorated -- not to mention very reasonably priced. Otherwise there are great hotel options in PS like the Saguaro (colorful, affordable), the Parker (upscale desert luxury) and Sparrows Lodge (quaint, warm, welcoming).

Wine tasting at Rose & Buster's

A cleansing sound bath at the Integratron 

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