Tuesday, March 8, 2016

10 Places to Go in Fort Collins, CO

Didn't know much about Fort Collins, CO except that one of my friends is from there/lives there and that another friends’ sister went to grad school there. I stayed in the downtown area and it’s a charming little neighborhood with shops, restaurants and great breweries. Everything you could possibly need is within walking distance.

An hour from Denver International Airport (apparently the biggest airport in the US, measuring 53 square miles -- which makes it twice the size of Manhattan), Fort Collins is literally a breath of fresh air. At almost 5,000 feet above sea level, the air is crisp, the water is delicious and the weed is good (I guess, because I didn't smoke any).

Below are 10 things I did/places I went during my 48-hour stay in Fort Collins. Would definitely visit again and may even consider retiring in a cabin there someday. 

The Golden Poppy Apothecary- small shop that carries essential oils and tonics for various things
Old Firehouse Books- great selection of staff picks, travel, kids’ books, local authors, etc.
Salus Bath and Body Care- handmade soaps
Curiosities- silly stuff, gag gifts and greeting cards

The Colorado Room- good music, good vibes, little potato things (taters? fritters?) and yummy sammies
Harbinger Coffee- I had the winter warmth latte (cinnamon brown sugar goodness) and a pastry that was like a palmier but is actually called a kouign amann (pronounced "queen a mon") 
Odell Brewing Co- cheap beer, snacks, laid-back atmosphere 
Restaurant 415- good food, locally sourced ingredients
Luciles- coffee and beignets

The Lyric Cinema Café- quirky, cool cinema/ coffee shop. My friend Maya works here, they show late-night movies and there is a resident pit bull who spends his days chillin' on the shop's couch

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