Wednesday, June 1, 2016

29 Things to See and Do on a Rainy Seattle Sunday

Here are 29 things to do in Seattle (any day of the week — whether it’s sunny, rainy or anything in between), because I just celebrated my 29th birthday in the Emerald City, and I’m officially in love.

1. Pike Place Market - yeah, so what if it’s touristy. Go to Matt’s in the Market for lunch with a view, Rachel’s Ginger Beer for a Mule made with white peach and Metsker Maps to map out your next trip/play with globes. 

2. Go ahead and try the local beer — you won’t be disappointed. I did Cloudburst Brewing one day and Fremont Brewing (lots of dogs and babies here!) the next.

3. Central Saloon in Pioneer Square is Seattle’s oldest bar; they have a FREE happy hour salad bar!

4. Across the way from Central is E. Smith Mercantile, a lovely shop (soaps, candles, all the pretty things) with an even more lovely bar in the back. 

5. Good Bar — also in Pioneer Square — has good wings, good potatoes and good drinks. 

6. Elm Coffee Roasters is yummy, stays open till 7pm most days and is right next to Good Bar. 

7. The Belfry- Two words: Gifts & taxidermy. 

8. Smith Tower- snap a pic from the outside, because the observation deck is currently CLOSED. 

9. The Space Needle (duh)- but just check it out from below and then head to the…

10. EMP (Experience Music Project) Museum- This was awesome, albeit pricy ($25 pp). Totally worth it, though. The Nirvana exhibit is rad. 

11. Lost Lake Cafe and/or the 5 Point Cafe- both open 24 hours; similar menus, same owner. Get a PBR with a splash of OJ in it (they call it a “Brass Monkey”). You can see the Space Needle from the front of 5 Points. 

12. General Porpoise Doughnuts- Get your macchiato, specialty doughnuts and champagne to go.

13. Smith in Capitol Hill- great food, drinks, decor and sweatshirts. I haven’t taken mine off since i bought it. 

14. Victrola Coffee Roasters- across from Smith, this place is featuring coffee from Guatemala at the moment. Also, local art. 

15. Unicorn Bar is quirky in all the right ways. Think Alice in Wonderland on hallucinogens. 

16. Tavern Law (if you want to go to Needle & Thread — the bar’s 2nd level speakeasy — call to reserve a spot no later than 2pm on the day you’ll be visiting). 

17. The Fremont Sunday Market for al pastor tacos, fish & chips or a smothered ham and cheese biscuit (we had all 3).

18. Walrus and the Carpenter in Ballard for oysters and such.

19. Grab a drink at King's while you wait — it could take an hour and a half to get a table at W&C.

20. Photograph big birds (cranes?) at the Seattle Japanese Garden at Washington Park.

21. Bruce Lee’s grave at the Lake View Cemetery (I didn't make it in time -- gates were closed). 

22. Then climb 107 steps to the top of the Volunteer Park Water Tower for a 360 view of the city. 

23. For a cool dive bar with cheap beer and fun music, head over to Montana in Capitol Hill.

24. Then there’s Bathtub Gin & Co., a chic little back alley bar. 

25. Uncle Ike’s Pot Shop- all you need to do is show your state ID when visiting “your favorite uncle” and you can walk right in. Walk right out with some legal recreational marijuana and/or t-shirts for friends.

26. Skip Oddfellows (so pretty, but such a disappointment) and wait it out for 30 minutes on a bench in front of Canon — one of the 50 Best Bars in the US, supposedly. Canon’s drinks were amazing; maybe don’t do the food. I sent my mussels back to the kitchen and I never send anything back to the kitchen. 

27. Knee High Stocking Co. was my fave bar in Seattle, and maybe one of my top 5 fave bars in the world (so far). Tiny, cozy and discreet. Drinks and food were on point. 

28. Il Corvo- though I didn’t get to go, I have a friend who raves about this place. Homemade pastas in Pioneer Square served 11am-3pm Monday through Friday.

29. Grab a spot on a bench at Victor Steinbrueck Park -- right behind Pike Place Market -- and admire the water, the people, the Ferris wheel and the Super Mario totem pole. 

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