Wednesday, December 14, 2016

LA's Secret Stairs are a great place to work off those holiday pounds

If you're at all familiar with LA and its people, you know we're always searching for fun and wacky new ways to get healthy (green juice cleanses, yoga booty ballet, etc.). Climbing "secret stairs" to achieve that peach-emoji shaped bum is another thing Angelenos do. 

And although, it's almost Christmas, and I'm leaving town yet again, I'm not waiting till January to get in shape. Especially since I don't typically overindulge during the holidays, my goal for November/December was to work off the 10 stress pounds that I gained sometime in August or September. 

So I did a little research and found a set of secret staircases I had yet to explore*. The good thing about these stairs is that, though they're not connected, LAist did a lovely job of laying out a step-by-step guide to get from Point A to Point B and back again. And if you're a fan of the Hollywood sign, this workout offers some great views and photo opps. 

The whole walk took me a total of 50 minutes, and left me breathless and starving, but happy with my work out. An added bonus: it smells great up there at this time of year. Finished off the morning with some breakfast for lunch at Beachwood Cafe. 

If you're interested in outdoor workouts and a little adventure, you can find more secret stairs locations in LA here

*This would not be doable in normal 80 or 90° Los Angeles weather (at least not for me), so a cool 65° winter is perfect.

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