Friday, January 27, 2017

Glamping: Make it Yurt So Good

 Last week, I spent two nights at a yurt somewhere above Santa Barbara thanks to Glamping with Pets. This was no regular camping trip (we already know I'm not a fan of camping), although I would've probably been scared shitless if left up there alone. My yurt stay was magical in all the right ways, from the rolling hills and ocean view in the distance to the soothing sounds of rain, wind (and a newly quenched creek on our last morning) and an unidentifiable animal or two.

Our yurt was fully equipped with a kitchen, bathtub, two bedrooms, heaters and a major entertainment system that included surround sound, DVD player, XBOX and even some musical instruments. But the best part of this midweek stay was that I got to bring my pup with me. Anyone who knows me knows Shiloh and also knows that for the past almost 11 years, she has been a part of many of my travel adventures. This dog was a passenger in a cross-country Fiat road trip with me in 2015. She's a frequent flyer on Delta and JetBlue. She's lived in three states and has traveled to Big Sur, Las Vegas, Savannah, Atlanta and more. 

Her favorite part of our glamping getaway (if I had to guess), was the amount of land she had to run free in the mornings while I sat outside drinking coffee and then our two-mile hike that included bluebird watching and snapping pics of the very green Santa Ynez Valley. 

Ready for a glamping trip 2.0 -- this may quickly become my new way of decompressing. 


Bring enough food/water to last your entire stay. On this visit, our host provided fresh spring water and cooking essentials (spices, olive oil, more than enough wine glasses). But if you're in a place like this one, where the drive back to town is a twisty, turny 20-minute ride and then 11 miles or so to the nearest grocery store, you're probably not going to want to leave until you actually have to. 

Books, movies, wine, tea, bath bombs. There's nothing like a hot bath with a little something extra at the end of a cold, rainy day before bed.

Pack comfy sneakers for a hike and maybe a pair of Wellies/warm slippers for hanging outside. 

Also, a little first-aid kit. Shiloh stepped on something running around outside -- not sure if a piece of sharp mulch, a rock or what -- and ended up with a knick on her paw. I used a bit of water to clean her up, but would've liked to have something extra, like Neosporin just in case. 

If you're gliding through Cali's Central Coast or just want a weekend getaway from LA, check out the Santa Barbara Luxury Yurt and book your stay. You won't regret it. 



  1. This looks like an amazing place to visit. The only problem is that I live quite far away from there, otherwise I would have gone for sure.

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