Thursday, November 9, 2017

Hola, Barcelona!

I was told to cancel my Barcelona trip or go somewhere else because of the current political situation, but in all honesty, I felt safe the entire time. There were no protests until my last night and even so, they were peaceful (some singing, banging of pots and pans - like Miami peeps do - and a few lone fireworks). I'll definitely be returning to Barcelona in the very near future. Loved everything about the experience. The city is clean, the food is good, cava is free-flowing. 

Five of my favorites: 

The Cottonhouse Hotel - perfect for rooftop lounging, latte drinking and photo opps

Bocadillos and ~$2 cava at Can Paixano by the beach 

A small, artfully-curated men's and women's shop in Gracia called Boo

The mint julep cocktail at Old Fashioned (also in Gracia) 

Panoramic sunset city views at the Bunkers of Carmel, accessible by bus or cab 

Read about the rest of the food and drink things I loved in this TravelPulse article



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